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4 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with Whole-Home Audio


Enjoy the sunshine of springtime with a whole-home audio system!

Enjoying your home doesn’t have to be limited to your indoor spaces. Spending time in your backyard, patio, or terrace is a great way to keep yourself healthy, change your routine, and have some fun with your family and friends. Add a whole-home audio system and enjoy from work to entertainment in your beautiful outdoor space. Keep reading to learn more about the unique and fun alfresco activities you can do without leaving your Cape Cod, MA home.

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Enjoy the Fresh Air While You Work on Your Summer Body 

Exercising is, of course, an activity that requires a lot of physical effort. For this reason, breathing fresh air while going through your cardio or strength routine is vital for a more efficient workout. In addition, getting more sunlight is also a great way to enhance your fitness experience. This helps you get more vitamin D and regulate your circadian rhythm, allowing you to have more energy during the day and rest well at night.

The experts at simpleHome can help you integrate an outdoor TV installation and a whole-home audio system so that you can enjoy your favorite workout routines in the comfort of your backyard! So, whether you love yoga, dancing, or challenging yourself with a lifting routine, you can get in shape and stay healthy while enjoying your outdoor space.

Bring Out the Bartender in You with a Mixology Party

Just like you don’t need to be a chef to cook some amazing dishes, you don’t have to be a professional bartender to create your favorite drinks. Whether you have some experience with mixology or are merely a newbie on the subject, trying out new hobbies among your friends is always a fun activity. 

With simpleHome’s whole-house sound systems, you can set the mood in every room of your house by starting the perfect party playlist. Want to enjoy the clear starry sky and the awesome spring night weather? Just move the party outside and keep enjoying drinks, music and the company of your friends! 

Make Your Home Office More Enjoyable by Moving It Outside

Outdoor spaces are not meant only for parties with your loved ones. You can create a new remote work experience by moving your home office outside! Thanks to your whole-home audio system, you can seamlessly stay engaged during video meetings. Are you having trouble staying focused? Set up a playlist of calm music designed just to help you concentrate and enjoy working under the warmth of natural sunlight. Don’t forget to install strong networking and enjoy a reliable connection even from outside!

At simpleHome, we are committed to delivering reliable and easy-to-use tech solutions to enhance the comfort and luxury of your lifestyle. Are you ready to incorporate a world-class whole-home audio system? Reach out to us right here to learn more!

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Not only was our advance team amazing…the entire team continues to be amazing from the installation, tech support and ongoing partnership.
Simple Home was very responsive to my request and tech Scott was professional, thorough and explained what he was doing to fix our issue.
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SimpleHome did a fantastic job for us. Helped us design, spec and install two relatively complex TV and A/V installations.

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