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A Brief History of Lighting

View of a living room and dining area illuminated by several Ketra lighting fixtures.

How the Lutron-Ketra Alliance Gives You the Best in Architectural Lighting Design

What makes a space unique? Its dimensions, layout, colors, and textures all spring to mind. But what about its lighting? At simpleHome, we have been helping clients simplify their lives through smart technologies. Architectural lighting design is an integral part of our process. 

We understand the role lighting plays in defining every space in your home and the complexities that lie beyond something as seemingly simple as a lightbulb. That’s why we focus on brand partnerships to bring the best of lighting engineering and design into every one of our projects. 

Here is a brief history of two of our favorite brands and how they combine the past and present of lighting into the perfect design for your home in Lexington, MA or the surrounding area.

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Lutron: A Love for Lighting

Lutron is the global leader in smart lighting and shading control. Their collections of circadian lights and motorized shades create the perfect ambiance for luxury homes across the U.S., helping homeowners get the most out of every space. 

To add to its industry-leading portfolio of light control solutions, Lutron purchased Ketra in 2018. Their merging is the perfect match between an incomparable history of lighting innovation and the future of lighting design!

simpleHome has partnered with Lutron to offer professional installation and support worthy of the best lighting fixtures in the world. The result is home automation on a whole new level, and in a whole new light, no matter the place or time of day. 

Ketra + Homeworks: The Future 

Established in 2009, Ketra creates lighting products that emulate natural lighting. Their selection of white, pastel, and saturated color lights is designed to enhance the character of any space and tailor every fixture to the particular needs of a client’s home. 

It is no surprise that Ketra’s passion for lighting caught Lutron’s attention. The success of their pairing to offer solutions for total home control is even less surprising. 

Through HomeWorks Designer, Lutron’s leading software, homeowners can now manage and personalize the intensity of their Ketra’s natural lights. The Ketra + HomeWorks is the ultimate tool for achieving optimal architectural lighting design and control. 

A Match Made in Heaven and Meant for Your Home

The union of Lutron and Ketra has created the best lighting control and automation tools in the market. But Lutron’s infrastructure and connectivity and Ketra’s revolutionary tunable lights will work best when installed and serviced by professionals. 

Our understanding of home automation and existing partnerships with both companies make simpleHome your go-to resource for architectural lighting design. From lighting and shades to climate control, we’ve got your back!

Give our experts a call to find out how we can make your home better, smarter, and brighter through the magic of Lutron and Ketra’s line of solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Not only was our advance team amazing…the entire team continues to be amazing from the installation, tech support and ongoing partnership.
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SimpleHome did a fantastic job for us. Helped us design, spec and install two relatively complex TV and A/V installations.

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