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Eight Stunning Smart Home Projects


Eight Stunning Smart Home Projects

Innovative home technology has moved far beyond smart light bulbs, thermostats, and doorbells. Today’s designs combine fingertip control of entertainment, security, lighting, and energy with stylish architecture and décor. The projects highlighted here are more than visually stunning. They show how A/V specialists, architects, builders, and designers can work together to create automated solutions for every setting.

Penthouse Perspective


Working parents needed a highly connected smart home to accommodate their family’s busy lifestyle. As a result, their Control4 system integrates security, entertainment, lighting, and HVAC. Highlights include a flatscreen that lifts from the foot of the bed. An advanced entertainment solution, which features multiple zones. Privacy and lighting control that open and close shades. And remote capabilities so the client can manage their home and other properties from their iPhone.

Brilliant Back Bay Brownstone


This family needed a functional home base to accomplish several goals. First, they wanted a built-in system to connect and automate their electronics. And second, the capability to effortlessly track and manage their other properties. As a result, AVD installed a robust Creston system in their five-story house. This solution could be controlled on or off-site through touchpads and mobile devices. The entire system integrated a comprehensive list of electronics to make it a dream living space.

Cape Cod Cinematheque


When you’re passionate about film, sports, and gaming, you need a top-of-the-line theater experience. Therefore, AVD designed this home theater to surpasses any local cinema by doing the following. They installed a Sony laser projector and 149″ Stewart ultra-matte projection screen. And they integrated lighting elements such as ceilings that change color and step illumination to mimic the ambiance of a theater. In addition, AVd went with highly comfortable seating for 16 that eliminates sound vibration.

Salt Marsh Way


This Cape Cod home features high-end architecture, finishes, technology. The client chose a Creston home control system that integrates entertainment, security, lighting, climate, and more. A few of the premier features include remote monitoring, multiple music zones, and automated shades. AVD concealed the infrastructure by hiding the wires in the ceilings and the controls in a closet.

Pretty and Smart


For this family, AVD elevated their living through automation and loads of entertainment. For the automation, they went with a whole-house control system by Savant. This system integrated their electronics and got consolidated in a rack room on the lower level. When it comes to the entertainment side, the home boasts many excellent components. For instance, streaming music is available throughout via in-ceiling speakers. And the media room offers a premier movie-watching experience through a wall screen, projector, and built-in speakers.


Digital Duxbury


The seaside homeowners wanted a top-of-the-line technology that enhanced their home but blended into the background. As a result, they got 4K wall-mounted TVs with camouflaged soundbars and built-in acoustic subwoofers. In addition, they tucked away their equipment in a mechanical space on the second floor. Also, like the other smart homes, the audio, video, lighting, and networking components are managed by one control system.


Tastefully Discreet


What happens when one partner embraces tech and one fears it? You end up with advanced technology that is intuitive to use. Their Savant control system uses custom keypads, smartphones, and tablets to manage the home. In addition, its settings are pre-programmed to create fewer headaches. However, if the family wants to adjust, they can easily do so.

Since harsh light would enter through their windows, the home’s interior surfaces would fade. As a result, the house required automated lighting and shading, which the client can control through their Savant system.


Captain’s Quarters Theater


When this Newton family wanted to turn their basement into an entertainment center, they pulled out all the stops. The result is a home theater that combines Hollywood glamour and state-of-the-art technology. The details include an old-fashioned theater door, millwork, columns, and soffits. Also, the surround sound speakers and acoustic innovation panels work seamlessly in the design. The theater area is outfitted with a 120″ screen to complement the JVC projector and built-in cabinets. And, it all comes together with VIP cinema seating. In addition, the Control4 control system allows movie watchers to set the mood and dim the lights effortlessly.

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