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Elegant Lighting Design with Lutron and Ketra

Silver Palladiom lighting control on gray wall in home.

Features That Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

When it comes to an elegant home lighting design, it’s hard to match the luxurious look Lutron and Ketra bring to your home. Mixing and matching various lighting solutions allows you to create a layered light pattern that brings depth and ambiance to every room.

Together, Lutron and Ketra give homeowners sophisticated lighting options and deliver beautiful elements that add comfort and intrigue to your home’s design. There are many ways to use these brands, whether for ceiling fixtures, dimmer switches, or keypad mounts. You’ll enjoy the distinguished look a well-planned lighting design brings to your Boston, MA area home.

Continue reading to learn more about how to use products from Lutron and Ketra to enhance your rooms.

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Ceiling Lighting

Both Lutron and Ketra offer a variety of recessed downlights for residential use. These lights can be used in any room of your home and work well with smart home control systems. Lutron’s downlights are 100% dimmable with no flickering, and aside from being beautiful in your home, they are also an energy-efficient LED lighting option.

If you’re interested in more decorative lamp solutions, Ketra has a variety of options available. They have even worked to curate a selection of designed fixtures that work seamlessly with Ketra lamps to combine style with high-quality lighting. Best of all, Ketra has color-changing features, which allow you to choose the perfect hue and color temperature for space. 

Take advantage of customization options for both Lutron and Ketra fixtures to match the interior design of your home. For instance, choose finishes that coordinate with your interior design, including a variety of metal tones, gold, black, or crystal. 

Accent Lights

To complete your elegant layered lighting look, add accent lights or “focus” lights throughout your home in areas where you may need additional lighting. These areas could include your kitchen workspace, your home’s entryway, or a home office

Accent lighting also draws attention to elements you want to highlight in your home, including artwork, decorative cabinets, or architectural features. Consider changing accent lights to a different color for additional dramatic effect. 

Lighting Controls

You may not consider lighting controls part of a lighting design, but they can provide a modern aesthetic to your home. Replace your rows of old light switches with beautiful brushed metal keypads or dimmer switches that will elevate your interior design.

Lutron offers a variety of lighting control options:

  • Alisse - a minimal wall control featuring a circular button configuration
  • Palladiom - a rectangular panel with backlit buttons and engraved text
  • Maestro Dimmer - a tap switch with a dimmer slide to adjust the light level
  • Grafik T - a simple yet sleek touch LED bar


You can also consider integrating one of several compatible smart home control systems to operate your lights from a tablet or smartphone app.

If you would like help reviewing lighting design options for your Boston, MA, area home, contact our team for some advice from the experts. We look forward to working with you!

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