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Get Ready for Autumn with Home Technology


Enjoying the last lazy, hazy days of summer? Before you know it, Autumn will be here with football, school and falling leaves. We want you to be ready for what’s ahead with these suggestions for home technology in lighting, window treatments, WiFi and speakers, and finally home networks for computers.

As the weather turns cooler and the days begin to shorten, you can use your automated window treatments to keep the heat in – opposite of summer months when you use shading to keep the heat out and prevent furniture from fading. If you have one of our automated lighting systems with the atomic clock feature, your lights will automatically turn on earlier and adjust when Day Light Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4th.

Lutron home lighting Did you know that switching to LED lighting will lower your electric bills? They last much longer and run cooler than other types of bulbs.  LEDs offer great illumination for tasks like cooking and homework. Most programmable lighting platforms have many options for dimming and a variety of colors, too.  So LEDs are cool in more ways than one! Visit the AVD Experience Center and play with our array of lighting solutions.


Turn up the volume: Speakers and WiFi

Among our line-up is Sonos, and what we love is how easy it is to use. Their products play well with others, too. Their wireless speakers are affordable and flexible. Another wireless speaker we recommend is from BlueSound: higher fidelity and part of the NAD family of products.

For audiophiles who might like something with extreme depth of sound, we rep speakers from Revel, Lyngdorf, Paradigm, James and Golden Ear.

paradigm prestige speakers

Getting ready for football season? Maybe the Red Sox in the World Series? We suggest soundbars from these fabulous brands: Leon, James, Sonos, Paradigm and BlueSound. They pair beautifully with our favorite TVs from Sony, Samsung and Seura.

Come to the AVD Experience Center and turn up the volume!

Homework needs strong networks

There’s a pretty good chance that the Fall means more computer time – from the kids’ homework to the adults’ paperwork. Make sure your computers are up to the tasks with enterprise network solutions. Plus, there are so many concerns about cyber security these days that you want to make sure your information is safe. The products we recommend from Pakedge and Access Network can definitely handle the job.

Whatever adventures fall brings your way, let Audio Video Design help you optimize your home for technology. We make your digital home fun and easy!

Access networks products

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