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How a Lighting Control System Makes Your Life Happier & Healthier

A kitchen is illuminated with different color lights through Ketra lighting control.

Transform your indoor spaces completely with Ketra and Lutron 

Integrating a world-class lighting control system is the first step to creating more comfortable and welcoming spaces at home. Whether you want to enhance your interior design or set the mood for special occasions, a smart lighting system will effectively and beautifully transform your home. At simpleHome, we partner with Lutron and Ketra to create the ultimate indoor lighting experience.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about the perks of adding this sophisticated lighting solution to your home in Boston, MA.

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Ketra Blurs the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Believe it or not, lighting is one of the main reasons why spending time outdoors is so enjoyable and beneficial for your mental and physical health. Natural lighting helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, allowing you to remain alert and energized during the day and have a restful sleep at night. Ketra is an advanced human-centric lighting solution that mimics natural light, changing color and intensity throughout the day to create a healthier and happier home.  

Ketra Vibrancy Transforms Your Home’s Design

Lighting also plays a huge role in improving the look and feel of your rooms. Whether you want to add elegant fixtures to increase the luxury of your room or strategically position your lights to highlight architectural features or artwork, the right lighting paints your home in the best light possible, giving it the personality you want. 

For this reason, we recommend Ketra Vibrancy, a unique technology that allows you to tune the different shades of light to highlight your room and objects any way you want. This allows you, for example, to bring out certain colors in a painting or bathe it completely in colorful lighting to make it seem like a whole new piece of art.

Find the Perfect Shade for Every Activity and Time of Day

Lighting also helps you set the mood to enjoy your daily life even more. Luckily, thanks to Ketra’s virtually infinite color palette, you can easily find the perfect color temperature for different activities. 

For instance, imagine you are hosting a party at home. That afternoon, brighten the lights in your kitchen and set them in a cool shade of white for a safer cooking experience while preparing appetizers. Then, bathe your living room in pink, purple, and blue undertones to recreate a nightclub ambiance. Once your guests have gone home, tap a scene in your smart home tablet to dim the Ketra lights in your bedroom to a warm color temperature, helping you relax before going to bed. 

Start Planning Your Home Lighting Design Now

If you are planning to build a new home or renovate your current residence, now is the best time to add a lighting control system to your spaces, as it is much easier to make your installations when they are a part of the initial planning process. 

While it is true that Ketra lighting technology is more costly than other lighting solutions, you should keep in mind that lighting is for life, and it is crucial to invest in high-quality installations to maintain your and your family's wellness.

One of the best ways to achieve perfect lighting control in your home is through Lutron HomeWorks. This technology allows you not only to control your lights but also to manage your entire property with the simple press of a button. Our experts can integrate your AV systems, home security, HVAC technology, and even motorized shades to create an environment that satisfies your unique needs and gives you complete control.

Are you ready to integrate a high-end lighting control system, such as Ketra and Lutron HomeWorks? Reach out to our team today by filling out this online form or dropping a message in the chat box below.


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Elegant Lighting Design with Lutron and Ketra
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