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How to Choose a Quality AV Company


Home automation and audio-video technologies are, by their nature, flashy and exciting. Unsurprisingly, many AV companies in the Greater Boston area offer deals, promotions, and promises just as glitter. Because of this, selecting an AV company might seem overwhelming. How can you separate the substance from the hype?

Whether you’re shopping for a Sonos multi-room speaker system or full-scale automation for your new home, here are a handful of questions that you should ask before choosing an audio video company.

Do They Value Customers’ Time?

Home automation and related technologies make life more efficient. If the process of installing and maintaining these smart home systems becomes time-consuming, though, how “smart” is it, really? A quality AV company makes customers’ lives easier. This could mean guaranteed response times, skilled email and phone support, or top-flight preventive maintenance to head off problems before they begin. A truly excellent audio video company ensures that you enjoy your in-home technology as much as possible.

Are They There When You Need Them?

If you need help operating your home technology, your audio-visual company should be there for you. Look for skilled service managers and technicians who are available when you need them. A leading audio video company will offer comprehensive phone and email support and remedy issues through remote diagnostics. When on-site AV service is needed, choose a company that offers guaranteed response times. Life can’t be put on hold until the next available appointment. The best AV companies know this and are there when you need them.

Do They Listen to You?

Look for an AV consultant who is interested in your needs, not just the services they can sell. One of the first questions they should ask is, “What do you need your home to do that it’s not currently doing?” A great AV company will ask the right questions and create innovative solutions for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Will They Care Beyond Sales and Installation?

No matter how impressive technology is in the showroom, the real test is how it performs at home. A top audio-video company will provide instruction on how to get the most from your new tech. True service should never end with a user manual and a handshake. Look for a company that not only offers the highest quality brands and products but educates you on your new home technology. What happens if you have questions down the road? If you decide to add additional components to your home theater or upgrade your technology, will your AV company help? They should.

Are They Experienced and Forward-Looking?

An AV company should do more than tell you they’re great. Looks for a company with a proven track record of excellence. Ask them about the jobs they’ve completed that were similar to yours. Seek out photos of their work and testimonials from current and past customers. Often, these can be found on a company’s website.

The best AV companies also consistently look ahead. Their service managers and technicians know today’s cutting-edge tech. They understand the coming trends and equip their customers to make smart decisions with both today and tomorrow in mind.

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Not only was our advance team amazing…the entire team continues to be amazing from the installation, tech support and ongoing partnership.
Simple Home was very responsive to my request and tech Scott was professional, thorough and explained what he was doing to fix our issue.
Roy, the technician assigned to the work at my home, was simply amazing - so kind, smart, considerate and the utmost customer-oriented person.
SimpleHome did a fantastic job for us. Helped us design, spec and install two relatively complex TV and A/V installations.

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