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How to Plan & Select Your Home Theater Seating


The Right Choices Can Make or Break Your Viewing Experience

Seating is a vital element in home theater design. Generally, homeowners spend hours researching the best audio-video solutions and overlook the comfortability of their media room. As a result, audio-video components are not the only factor in creating the ultimate home theater experience.

Like any other room in your home, a home theater only adds value if you want to spend time there. Not only should technology be top-flight, but the room should also be comfortable, suit the way you live, and reflect your style. The proper seating for your home theater will ensure not only that you have the best vantage point for viewing, but it will create a space that you want to unwind in. Below, we offer insight into planning your home theater and how to select the best seating.



What Key Functionalities Should My Home Theater Include?

Think about the space in which you and your family currently watch movies or sports. What do you love about the experience, and what do you wish you could change? As a result, we recommend thinking about how you like to sit and enjoy your favorite TV show or sports game. To accomplish this, consider the following questions when designing the ultimate media room:

  • Do you prefer sharing a seat with a loved one or having your own dedicated space?
  • Do you like to put your feet up or rest your head on the couch?
  • Is it essential to have an area to place your snack or drink?



What Are the Top Brands for Home Theater Seating?

Below we list a collection of our favorite brands that manufacturer home theater seats. These companies offer a wide range of options, from pre-built to custom solutions. Whether you want traditional theaters seats that recline or a home-style sectional couch, these manufacturers can deliver a highly comfortable space.



How Do I Want My Home Theater to Look?

Since home theater seating is available in virtually every color, pattern, and fabric, sometimes your options get overwhelming. We suggest determining your media room’s style to decrease the number of choices. If you do this during the planning stage, it will help move along the decision-making process.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself. Do you want your media room to replicate the cinema? For instance, are you looking for the old Hollywood glam that has red velvet seats? Or would you prefer that your theater integrate into the style of your home seamlessly? Such solutions could be outfitting the seats with tumbled leather, high-quality textiles, and nailhead trim.



Who Will Use My Home Theater?

When planning your project, make sure to consider who will be using the home theater. If pets and young children will enjoy the fun, you may want to purchase durable seating. We also recommend selecting fabric that is easy to clean.



Should I Go With Luxury or Mid-Range Home Theater Seating?

Purchasing quality products to outfit your home theater will help increase its longevity. That said, it is crucial to think about how often the space will get used and by whom. For instance, if you occasionally plan to use the media room, entry-level or mid-range chairs can provide an economical option. However, you should not expect this sort of seating to stand the test of time.

For homeowners who will be using the home theater daily and want the best of the best, high-quality seating would be an excellent route. Such manufacturers are Cinematech, Fortress, or Salamander Designs, who create luxury products well worth the money.



What Are the Requirements of My Space?

If you are building a new home or addition, it is possible to design the space around your preferred seating options. However, most homeowners do not have this luxury. As a result, the dimensions and layout will dictate your seating.

We recommend speaking with an experienced audio-video company to evaluate your space. Since they are experts in home theater technology, they will propose seating solutions to meet your needs and budget. Also, what they design will aim at maximizing the viewing experience.



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