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Is a Control4 System Right for Your Home?

A luxury living room with a Control4 system control on the couch.

Learn How Personalized Automation Features Put You in Control

The popularity of smart home technology has grown immensely, and chances are you've experienced a few features already yourself. But there comes a point when it no longer makes sense to manage several individual components, and it's best to combine them into one intelligent OS, like a Control4 system.

With Control4, you can combine all your smart technology into one easy-to-use control center. No more downloading ten different apps on your phone to use various features. If you like simplicity and streamlined function, consider a Control4 system for your home in Dover, MA, or the Greater Boston area.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can personalize a Control4 system to add ease to your daily life.

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Made to Fit Your Life

Control4 has many options to personalize functions so they fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Choose whether you want to control an action by touchscreen, keypad, voice, smartphone app, or remote. 

You also decide what actions mean and how they happen. For instance, if you want the downstairs lights to turn on each morning when you press a "good morning" button, you can program this as a sequence.

You may not know all the scenes you want to be programmed immediately, and that's ok. However, the simpleHome team can provide some common suggestions during the installation process.

Stay Connected to Your Home When You're Away

4Sight, a home monitoring system by Control4, can alert you of activity in your home when you're away. For example, it will send you a notification on your phone when the kids come home from school or when you receive a package delivery. With 4Sight, you can remotely control your home's locks, cameras, lights, and more.

Connect Your Smart Home Tools

The Control4 system is a hub for all your innovative home features. You can integrate and manage them seamlessly from one place. These features can include:

  • Smart lighting
  • Home security
  • Intercom
  • Home theater/media room
  • Multi-room audio
  • Voice controls

Control4 also integrates with thousands of other third-party products, so if you already have some individual smart home features, the simpleHome team can research if they can work together and assist with integration.

Live Life with Ease

Control4 and the simpleHome team want to help homeowners like you live life effortlessly. With the Control4 system and its multitude of personalization options, we know it will do just that. The simpleHome team is here to guide you through the installation process and assist you in programming the OS to fit your daily life. 

Please reach out to the simpleHome team to schedule a consultation and learn more about the Control4 system and how it could bring ease to your home in Dover, MA, or the Greater Boston area.

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