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Make Your Home Comfy and Beautiful with Window Treatments


Create the perfect ambiance in any season with motorized window treatments!

When you think about the smart home features that enhance your lifestyle, automated window treatments probably are not the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, this subtle element is a great way to create more comfortable and private spaces while maintaining a stylish home. 

At simpleHome, we partner with Hunter Douglas, a leader in the shading industry, to deliver only the highest quality window treatments to enhance your everyday life. Keep reading this blog and learn how our motorized shading solutions can help you design more enjoyable spaces in your Weston, MA, home.

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Keep Your Comfort All Year Long

Creating pleasant spaces to enjoy with family and friends is one of the top priorities for homeowners. Whether you are hosting a gathering with many guests or enjoying some ‘me time’ in the house by yourself, you can be sure that Hunter Douglas and simpleHome have a shading solution to achieve that. 

Insulating shades are a perfect example of this, as they can effectively prevent the heat from escaping through windows during harsh winters and keep it cool if the summer sun gets a little too hot. So no matter if it’s the middle of July or early January, your shades will always create the perfect comfort level for you!

There is a wide variety of options in materials, styles and fabrics when choosing the right motorized window treatments for your home. For example, you can integrate Duette Architella Honeycomb shades in a room susceptible to temperature fluctuations or insulated Roman shades if you want to enhance the elegance of your space while keeping maximum comfort.

Hunter Douglas shades are meant to offer a completely customizable experience. Do you want to maintain your home's perfect temperature while enjoying the beautiful view of your yard? Choose which shades completely cover your windows and which will let you take a peek at the beauty of your outdoor space.

Go Green and Keep Your Energy Costs Low 

Another great benefit of insulated shades is their energy-saving qualities. Because your shades help to regulate your home’s temperature, they reduce the load on your heating and AC system. This will help you keep your energy bills low. With simpleHome, you can save the planet and your pocket!

A Subtle Addition to Your Spaces

A common concern for homeowners still unsure about incorporating window treatments is having to deal with a noisy motor. With Hunter Douglas, you can rest assured that your shades will only stand out because of their beauty and sophistication, as their quiet motors allow you to quickly transform your spaces without any annoying sounds that disrupt your peace.

Solutions Built to Last

At simpleHome, our priority is delivering world-class service and products. For this reason, we have a warranty plan that will take care of any issues in no time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your home than worrying about it. 

Are you ready to enhance your spaces with our top-notch window treatments? Contact us today by filling out this online form. You can also check out the experience for yourself in our showroom!

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