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Smart Home Technology & Lifestyle Guide


Learn about home automation and entertainment and what you can do with your living spaces when smart technology is installed and synchronized. Optimize the way you leave by creating the ultimate smart home.


You arrive home at dusk, and the exterior is perfectly lit. The garage door opens with a simple voice command, and the security system automatically disarms. After dinner, you dim the lighting and play your favorite music to unwind through your smartphone. By adding smart technologies to your house, you can achieve a more comfortable and fluid living style.

Technology is everywhere. It’s hard to imagine our lives not involving it. Between our phones, cars, offices, and homes, technology can enhance our living by bringing us closer to information, entertainment, and each other. 

It is often that our home technologies are not synchronized or work together. Luckily it t doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, you could use smart home technology to automate your life.

Home Controls

When arriving home, you could be greeted by your door unlocking and the security system disabling. The lights and room temperature could adjust to your liking with your favorite music beginning to play. You could set your shades to open and close based on your schedule or time of day. All these smart home products can be controlled through one system, making your life convenient, safe, and enjoyable.  

Home is one touch away — from anywhere. 

With a smart home, you can monitor and control your home’s security, entertainment, lighting, and climate using your smartphone, tablet, or digital device. Whether you live in an old English Tudor or a newly-built modern home, outfitting your living spaces with smart technology will allow you to control everything from anywhere. A quality home automation company will help install and synchronize these state-of-the-art technologies to create a system that is easy to use and fits your lifestyle and décor. 

Lighting & Shades

Envision waking up and selecting the “Good Morning” button on your bedside panel, which opens your designer shades to where you like them, and slowly lights your room to 75 percent. Now that is a smooth and relaxing way to start your day!

Lighting that reveals no boundaries

High-tech lights allow you to control your lighting anywhere and schedule them to turn on or off at specific times. You can adjust them from any digital device, which is helpful when on vacation or after getting into bed.

Shades that complement your décor and lifestyle

With automated shades, you can control them just like your lights. For instance, you will have the flexibility to schedule when they open or close and specify a time of day when you want this done. These high-end shades come with various features like black-out capabilities to completely darken a room. With countless fabric choices, they can also integrate with any decor. That said, when choosing a smart home expert, make sure they will collaborate with you or your designer to meet your design needs.

Safety & Comfort

Imagine leaving your house at night and only needing to press one button to lock the doors and turn on the necessary lights to illuminate the walkway or make it look like somebody is home. Or when a cold front hits at 3 am, having the ability from bed to adjust the room temperature where your kid’s sleep to keep them warm and comfortable.

Always on and secure. 

Smart homes offer more than on-wall security pads. They allow you to check if doors are locked, monitor real-time surveillance cameras, and received notifications if a motion, fire, or flooding sensor goes off. As a result, these technologies allow you to stay updated from anywhere, resolve issues quickly, and keep your family safe.

Cinematech Home Theater 2699


Outdoor Living

The sun shines, warming the patio, while the grill gets fired up and the football game plays on a gorgeous outdoor display, entertaining your sports-loving friends. No speakers are visible, yet crystal-clear sound seems to be coming from everywhere. There is nothing better than enjoying sports outside on a beautiful Sunday.

Entertainment and control in the great outdoors.

Why not take the finest indoor technologies and bring them out to your patio, pool, and entire yard? Whether you are entertaining a small party, enjoying a nice hot tub, or relaxing in your garden, you can enhance your experience with any music, video, and lighting. With these technologies, such as TVs, speakers, and remotes, all-weather versions are available that are durable and can outfit your outdoor living spaces. With outdoor lighting, you can easily control and adjust your ambiance with a single command. This type of functionality is no longer a luxury but is essential for your safety, comfort, and mood. In addition to lighting, we offer a range of high-quality TVs and speakers to suit every outdoor space and keep your guests entertained.

About Audio Video Design

Audio Video Design is a home automation and entertainment expert in the Greater Boston and Cape Cod area. For more than 45 years, we collaborated with architects, builders, interior designers, and homeowners to deliver solutions, which optimize the way you live in your home. Our goal is to provide the best design, installation, and maintenance service for smart home technology, home theaters, audio-video, lighting control, window treatments, and more.

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Not only was our advance team amazing…the entire team continues to be amazing from the installation, tech support and ongoing partnership.
Simple Home was very responsive to my request and tech Scott was professional, thorough and explained what he was doing to fix our issue.
Roy, the technician assigned to the work at my home, was simply amazing - so kind, smart, considerate and the utmost customer-oriented person.
SimpleHome did a fantastic job for us. Helped us design, spec and install two relatively complex TV and A/V installations.

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