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Sonance Outdoor Speakers Offer Flexibility and Fun

A Sonance outdoor speaker is hidden in grass and landscaping.

Get Ready for Spring By Updating Your Backyard Entertainment Options

As spring fever takes hold, you may daydream about fun summertime outdoor activities, including backyard barbeques and pool parties. But, considering these plans, have you wondered about the layer of excitement that new outdoor speakers could add to your activities? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning loud gatherings or quiet ones; outdoor audio can add levels of fun to any outdoor activity in Boston, MA.

Continue reading to learn about the features of Sonance’s Landscape Series of outdoor speakers—the perfect addition to any backyard fun.

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Withstands the Elements

Sonance’s Landscape Series was made for use in outdoor areas. Whenever you look at adding speakers outside, it’s best to ensure they are made to handle natural weather elements such as heat, cold, rain, sand, dust, UV rays, and snow. Just like you wouldn’t use an indoor TV outside, you also should not use indoor audio outdoors. Sonance has built its outdoor speakers using special considerations and design techniques to ensure they have lasting quality outdoors.

Scale Up or Down

One nice feature of the Sonance system is that it is easy to scale up or down depending on your needs. For instance, if you usually only use outdoor speakers for watching movies or quiet gatherings but want to host a pool party one weekend, you can easily add speakers to your system to increase volume and range. In addition, Sonance uses a voltage amplifier system to ensure all speakers receive consistent power.

Directional Sound

Sonance speakers were designed to isolate sound and send it directionally where you want it to go. A triple-sealed speaker enclosure sends the sound wherever you point the speaker. This design ensures that there will be little concern about bothering the neighbors while you enjoy an afternoon on the patio. 

Quality Audio

Sometimes you’ll want quiet background music while hosting a garden party, but other times you may wish to have hard-hitting, louder sound. No matter which sound level you choose, the Sonance Landscape Series was built to provide the highest-quality sound outdoors. Some audiophiles say the sound even rivals that of indoor hi-fi systems.


No one wants to look around their beautiful yard and see speakers and wires everywhere. That is why Sonance has designed its outdoor speakers to be mostly unnoticeable. Homeowners can mount speakers with surface mounts or ground stakes or hide them in landscaping features such as flowerbeds, shrubs, or trees. Sonance also gives the option to bury subwoofers in the ground to create a fun bass element you wouldn’t expect to hear outside.


If you’re ready to “think spring” and prepare for a fun season of outdoor barbeques in your Boston, MA, backyard, contact the team at simpleHome for a no-obligation consultation today! Let us help you discover the high-quality sound of Sonance outdoor speakers.

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