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What’s Needed for a Successful Lighting Design?

Daylight flows in through two windows over a kitchen counter, illuminating the counter and center cabinet featuring a sink, bowl of fruit and notebooks.

Integrate Tunable Lighting Fixtures, Automated Shades and Customized Control 

Think of the last time you noticed the lighting in a room. Often, it's only when it has a negative impact that it's top of mind. For example, it's too dim to read your book comfortably or so bright that it's causing a glare on your screen. 

A lighting design is all about creating lighting that blends so perfectly with your home and lifestyle, it almost becomes invisible. Our team of architects drafts tailor-made plans for our clients in Newton, MA and Greater Boston that incorporate automated shades, high-end light fixtures and seamless control. 

When these features come together effectively, your lighting works to bring out decor and enhance your well-being. This blog highlights the role of each in providing the perfect illumination. 

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Automated Shades

Usually, when people envision their lighting design, they think exclusively of how to manipulate the artificial lighting in their homes. Managing sunlight, however, should be a top priority as well. Natural lighting is great for adding a beautiful glow, while exposure to it encourages you to release serotonin—boosting your mood and regulating your sleep cycle. 

However, natural lighting is also dynamic and unpredictable. Our automated shades help you stay a step ahead by automatically opening and closing based on the sunlight available. Automated window treatments come in various models (blinds, shades, and drapes), colors and finishes so you enjoy pragmatic lighting without negatively affecting your decor. 

Tunable Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are the most prominent part of your lighting design. You must choose the right ones and lay them out properly according to your needs and priorities. Each of our projects incorporates tunable LED fixtures that offer a wide range of color temperatures to help you set the perfect mood or look. 

Ranging from 1700 to 8000 Kelvin, the Ketra solutions we work with mimic sunlight as it changes hues throughout the day. So, for example, 2000-3000 Kelvins are equal to sunrise or sunset, while 5000-6000 Kelvins match the brightest daylight. 

Various fixture models, including in-ceiling, downlights, linears, lamps and track lights, allow us to incorporate a layered lighting design. Combining ambient, task and accent lighting in every area—including outdoors–for light that invigorates and accentuates your spaces. 

Integrated Control 

Every lighting design our team creates relies on intuitive controls. Easily make adjustments through on-wall keypads, voice commands, dedicated touchpads, or apps. Even automate changes based on the time of day, available sunlight or movement. 

A great example of this integrated control is its role in incorporating circadian lighting. During the day, shades open when sunlight is available, and when it's cloudy, they close, and your LED fixtures take over—simulating the appropriate hue to keep the sun's presence indoors. 

Lighting design is vital to your home's aesthetics and your family's overall comfort and well-being. Let our team of architects develop the ideal plan for your space. Schedule a meeting with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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