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Why You Should Hire a Professional to Help with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting decorates a pergola and seating area.

A Variety of Considerations Make Outdoor Lighting a Complex Task

Outdoor lighting can elevate the curb appeal of your home at night and assist with needed safety by illuminating walkways and entrances. Beyond this, homeowners enjoy the twinkle of lights in the evening which add a festive feel to any outdoor gathering.

Sometimes homeowners consider completing outdoor lighting projects themselves. However, we caution against this, as they can be complex. By the time a homeowner discovers that they are in over their heads, it may be too late and have cost them a lot of time and money. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional team like ours to help install outdoor lighting at your beautiful home in Cape Cod, MA.

Continue reading to uncover why outdoor lighting jobs are best left to professionals.

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Expertise and Experience

Outdoor lighting professionals have completed many hours of training and on-the-job experience to make them qualified to assist with your project. Items an outdoor specialist needs to understand include:

  • Low-Voltage Wiring 
  • Weatherproofing
  • Lighting Design 

Because outdoor lighting systems are electrical, it’s best to have someone trained in outdoor electrical work to install and maintain your system to ensure it can face up to the elements. 

Save Money

The primary reason homeowners attempt to complete their outdoor lighting projects is to save time and money. They believe it will take time to get on a professional’s schedule, and they can complete the job for less.

The complexity of this situation lies in the risks involved in doing an outdoor lighting project DIY. Not only are there the risks of electrocution or fire, but there are the risks that your system will be improperly installed and have a shorter life. These risks could all result in additional unplanned expenses.

A potential benefit of hiring a professional for any installation project is that they may be able to provide discounted pricing on products. Contractors, for instance, can typically secure a lower price for drywall than someone completing just one job. The same may hold true if you hire a professional who works with lighting companies frequently.

Safety and Security

Homeowners can benefit from outdoor lighting systems in these ways:

  • Prevent accidents on walkways or entry stairs
  • Deter burglars or vandalism
  • Add ambiance and curb appeal

A professional installer can provide recommendations for the best ways to use lighting to improve the overall safety, security and comfort of your property.


Whenever you’re considering an installation project that requires certification or training, it’s best to turn to professionals for assistance. Not only does it help ensure the safety of your lights and wiring, but it also can enhance the longevity of the lighting products through proper installation. 

If you’re considering an outdoor lighting project for your Cape Cod, MA, home, please reach out to the simpleHome team for a consultation or customized quote. We hope to hear from you soon!

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