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You Light Up My Life: Automated Lighting from AVD


Back in 1977 when Debby Boone sang “You Light Up My Life” few realized that automated lighting would revolutionize the home technology industry. The benefits of automated lighting include convenience, security and aesthetics that enhance the way we live in our homes today. And don’t forget the bonus of energy savings!

The Convenience of Automated Lighting

Press a button and house lights dim or set a welcome home scene where the lights come on as you open the door. Today’s lights offer control from anywhere, and the ability to program them to turn on or off at specific times, depending on the time of day, time of year or occupancy. You can program fixtures in one room or the entire house with platforms from Lutron or Vantage. AVD works with both companies to complement your decor and lifestyle. Control your lighting at home with an app on your smart phone or tablet, or from a keypad on the wall.

We know that lighting has a profound impact on the feel of a space and our overall health and well-being. The right illumination can be custom tailored to your needs – lighting for tasks, relaxation or to spotlight artwork and collections. Owners of multiple residences love the convenience of lighting control systems.

With modern lighting innovations it can be challenging to know how to get what you want. The Audio Video Design team members are experts in lighting design. For homeowners, we can collaborate with your architect, builder and interior designer. For design professionals, we will collaborate with you and your client to ensure you have the products you need to attain the goals of the project.

The bottom line is that today’s automated lighting is easy to use once professionals design and install the system that works best for your home or your client’s home.

Automated Lighting Provides Safety and Energy Savings

From lighted walkways and stairs to scheduled on and off times, automated lighting provides a reassuring benefit of added safety and security. Just as we hear from our clients that they love the convenience of automated lighting, we hear just as often that they feel more secure knowing that lights will turn on at pre-set times.

Another benefit of automated lighting are the energy savings that come with the ability to dim lights and to turn all the lights in your house off with one button. Ensure that lights are never left on in an unoccupied room with an occupancy or vacancy sensor. Dimmers, timers and sensors all contribute to using less electricity.

Aesthetic Benefits of Lighting Control Systems

Never underestimate the role lighting plays in the ambiance and elegance of your home. And while it may seem light bulbs have been the same since invented, in recent years huge advancements have been made. Colored and LED bulbs present new creativity that wasn’t possible before, from dimming to changing colors depending on the lighting scene. All at the touch of a button.

One of the other benefits of using a lighting control system is that the bank of light switches cluttering up walls have gone the way of the Dodo bird.

Lutron and Vantage

Undoubtedly the leaders in lighting control platforms, we work with both Lutron and Vantage systems. We often install the Lutron HomeWorks QS system to control lighting throughout the home. Lutron also works with third party integration platforms like Savant, Crestron and Control4 among others. Less sophisticated projects may also use the Lutron RadioRA2 platform that operates differently than HomeWorks.

Vantage RadioLink Easy Touch II Keypad

Vantage Infusion can also be integrated with Savant, Crestron, and Control4 systems. They also have a touchscreen version of their wall control that is quite sleek. To see all of these products in action and to experience lighting control, come visit Audio Video Design’s interactive Home Technology Design Center in Westwood.

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Not only was our advance team amazing…the entire team continues to be amazing from the installation, tech support and ongoing partnership.
Simple Home was very responsive to my request and tech Scott was professional, thorough and explained what he was doing to fix our issue.
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SimpleHome did a fantastic job for us. Helped us design, spec and install two relatively complex TV and A/V installations.

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