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Luxury Lighting and Motorized Window Treatment

The simpleHome Integrated Lighting Plan is personalized to your home and your lifestyle, for every day, night, and time of year. We assist with the specification and implementation of architectural light fixtures, motorized window treatments, and easy to use controls to live in your best light.

Lighting Design

Designing a beautiful home is about more than choosing the right color palettes and furniture—lighting plays a vital role as well. Lighting should highlight architectural features, bring attention to high-end furnishings and make colors stand out. That same lighting also serves to enhance your everyday life, boosting your mood and helping you accomplish important tasks. Hire a professional to optimize your lighting and control for a luxurious lifestyle and residence.

Why hire a lighting designer?

Employing an independent lighting designer may seem like an odd choice for homeowners that have relied on electrical engineers and interior designers to take care of their lighting needs in the past. But when you make lighting a secondary job for others, it becomes an afterthought in your home. A lighting designer masters technical, scientific and stylistic fields to deliver bespoke solutions for their clients.

  • Experts on the latest cutting-edge lighting technology through ongoing training
  • Refined techniques transform invisible light into dynamic architectural design
  • Special training on physics, optics, electricity, codes and environmental impact
  • Equipment costs reduced through competitive bids and manufacturer partnerships
  • Initial cost analysis outlines lighting techniques that will reduce equipment and labor costs
  • Detail-minded staff craft innovative designs attuned to your home and lifestyle needs

Essential Layers of Light

Essential Layers of Light

You risk strained eyesight, obtrusive shadows and rigid spaces with a one-tone lighting design. Leverage ambient, task and accent lighting for a visually balanced and flexible space.
Ambient Light
Illuminate the entire room with soft lighting from natural sunlight, recessed ceiling lights or pendants.
Task Lighting
Special pendant, desk or under-cabinet lights provide bright, focused illumination for specific activities.
Accent Lighting
Highlight artwork, photos and architectural details with lighting three times brighter than ambient fixtures.
  • Daytime

    Keep to your workday schedule with a “Daytime” lighting scene that automatically activates at 9 am every day. As you head into your home office, bright white-blue ambient lights and desk lights greet you for optimal focus and concentration.

  • Bedtime

    As you head to bed at the end of the day, prepare for restorative sleep with a “Bedtime” lighting scene you can activate from a bedside remote or tablet. Not only do lights dim gradually, but they switch to a warm, orange hue that induces relaxation.

  • Entertaining

    Entertain in style with a “Party” lighting scene that activates lights in the kitchen and living room to a white-blue hue that keeps guests energized throughout the night. Add landscape lighting to the scene to encourage guests to gravitate to your beautiful outdoor spaces.

  • Movie Night

    Transform your theater into the perfect viewing environment with a “Movie Night” lighting scene on your handheld remote or touchpad that dims recessed lights and decorative sconces while turning on floor track lighting for safe movement during the movie.

Color Temperatures at a Glance

Lighting Tones

1,700 K

Match flames & low-pressure sodium lamps

2,700 - 3,300 K

Incandescent lamps & soft-white flourescent lamps

4,100 - 4,150 K

Moonlight; cool-white lamps

5,500 - 6,000 K

Vertical daylight

6,500 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

15,000 - 27,000 K

Daylight; overcast fluorescent lamps

1,850 K

Candle Flame, sunrise, sunset

3,000 K

Warm-white fluorescent lamos

5,000 K

Horizon daylight

6,200 K

Xenon short-arc lamp

6,500 - 10,500 K

LCD or CRT Screen

Architectural Lighting

The simpleHome Integrated Lighting Plan incorporates layered lighting throughout your space with a mixture of downlight and linear light to work with your decorative lighting. Layered lighting adds depth and beauty to your home while facilitating all your everyday tasks. Explore how much each model has a role in enhancing your overall space. 

Lamp Solutions

Showcase Your Style
Perfectly curated Lutron lamp styles are Ketra-ready to combine the highest quality of light and style in your living spaces. Choose from adjustable track luminaires in your retrofit and new construction projects or adjustable beam trim lights to optimize aesthetics.


Fixed or Directional LED Downlights
Variable beam widths add flexibility to your living areas, washing walls in illumination or showcasing beautiful artwork. Complete your retrofit or new home installations with square and round aperture options to complement your decor and style preferences.


Lutron Luminaires
The high-output G2 Linear is perfectly suited for cove, grazing, and wall-wash applications in a high-def palette. The Lumaris Linear offers high-performance 0.1% white-dimming, and diffused lens options soften light and reduce LED hot spots, perfect for tight space applications.

Retrofit LED Lamps

All-Encompassing LED
Wirelessly control smart LED Lutron bulbs one-by-one or room-by-room, with adjustable beam angles that are finely tunable for a perfectly calibrated light source and living experience.

Lighting Control

Lighting control completes the simpleHome Integrated Lighting Plan with a simple press of a button or the sound of your voice to control the ambiance of your home.

Lighting Control

Effortless control is vital for unleashing the true potential of your lighting design. Easily manage the diverse fixtures in your home to develop beautiful layering while maintaining a uniform feel throughout with a lighting control system. Take advantage of a centralized approach to your lighting that not only yields intuitive, tailor-made control from your devices of choice but also results in a streamlined installation for a beautiful, clutter-free space.


High-end lighting control systems feature personalized interfaces available on dedicated touchpads or mobile apps. Approach lighting your way with easy-to-use graphic menus that show the status of lights in each room and let you make changes with a simple button tap. Adjust intensity, color and color temperature for fixtures individually or as groups, then save your favorite settings and pull them up at any time with ease.


The processor is the heart of your lighting control system, facilitating communication between your control devices and fixtures. Having a high-end processor ensures clear, uninterrupted communication without any lag. Efficient communication means as soon as you input a command—no matter the source—you get an immediate and accurate response. During the initial design stage, our lighting experts determine which model best fits your needs based on its bandwidth and processing power.


What makes a professional lighting control system stand out is its centralized control using dimmer panels. All dimming and control capabilities are routed through these remote panels that are installed out of sight in an equipment room or utility closet. Dimmer panels reduce wall clutter in individual rooms, cut down on the wiring infrastructure, allow for more complex programming capabilities and minimize the need for power boosters while also controlling fans and motors.


Reduce your wall acne even further with smart dimmers and switches that incorporate complex commands and scenes. These luxury keypads replace banks of switches and dimmers to streamline your décor. Improve convenience with keypads that offer instant access to scenes, let you manage lights throughout the house and offer combined dimmer and switch control in one housing. Explore models fit for any décor with flush-mounted solutions featuring matte, metal or glass finishes in plentiful colors.

Lighting That Heals You

Human Centric Lighting

Lighting is Part of Your Home’s Ecosystem

Consider human-centric lighting as part of your home’s architecture, with a powerful infrastructure supporting your well-being while making your home look its best. Instantly personalize your space with intelligent lighting solutions that are timeless and flexible. You only need to tap a button on a beautiful customized keypad, swipe your finger on an intuitive app, or say a voice command.

Natural Light

Mimic the sun’s natural rays throughout the day, minimizing the difference between outdoors and indoors.

High-Def Palette

From 1,400 to 10,000K, enjoy the most comprehensive range of bright white and vibrant colors with pinpoint precision.


Bring your furnishings and artwork to life with Vibrancy that shifts white light to the perfect setting.

Natural Dimming

As LED lights dim, your living spaces fill with a warm, golden glow to enhance your relaxation and wellness.

Color Lock

Color Lock preserves color throughout a light’s lifetime when other LED solutions’ colors degrade or mismatch when sourced from various manufacturers.

Whisper-Quiet & Customizable Window Coverings

Motorized roller shades, blinds, drapes, and honeycomb shades add sophistication and natural light management to any living space. Choose from luxury fabrics and designs that complement your design tastes while protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Why Motorized Shading?

Adding motorized window treatments to your home greatly improves your morning, midday and evening routines while allowing you to experience upgraded climate management and lighting control, enhanced security and privacy, and an all-around improved quality of life in your home. With a vast array of beautiful fabrics and styles, you can create a set of window treatments that perfectly complements your existing decor. The added automation allows you to experience effortless control of your home with timers and scenes that will transform your space without you having to lift a finger.

  • Create perfect light every time by integrating your motorized window treatments with your existing smart home system and adjusting shading and lighting systems together.
  • Automate your home by creating zones for various lighting needs throughout your living spaces.
  • Enjoy enhanced precision control as your shades rise and lower in unison, quietly and right on schedule.
  • Straightforward control means that anyone in the home can experience the simplicity that automated window treatments bring.

Explore the Benefits of Motorized Shading

Save Energy
Program your shades to keep the sun out during the hot summer months while harvesting it in the winter for natural solar heat.
Enhance Security
Timers are an efficient way to raise and lower your shades automatically to keep up the appearance that you're home — even when you're not.
Match Aesthetics
With hundreds of fabrics and materials to choose from, there's no need to sacrifice the interior and exterior decor you've perfected.
Enjoy Privacy
Privacy is easy to accomplish when you can lower all your shades with the press of a single button and set them to automatically raise and lower at high-traffic times.
Protect Your Furniture
Ultraviolet rays can be damaging to artwork, furniture, flooring and rugs. Avoid bleaching and fading by programming your shades to lower during the brightest time of day.
Lutron roller shades
Roller Shades
Rollery Solar shades in a kids room
Solar Shades
blue honeycomb shades on a window overlooking the ocean
Cellular Shades
woven wooden roman shades by Hunter Douglas
Woven Roman Shades
Lutron Blackout shades
Blackout Shades
Horizontal Sheer Blinds by Lutron
Horizontal Sheer Blinds
Roman Shades by Lutron
Roman Shades

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